Compact Versatility

Hybrid Voyager is the pinnacle of compact capability.  Small enough that it can be carried by a child, yet tough enough to weather a hurricane, this vessel offers the ultimate in maneuverability and performance.  With an auxiliary thruster motor, this USV can thread its way through congested waterways and then carry on to cross an ocean.  It’s primary mode of propulsion is still sail, however, the thruster is available when the wind dies or precise navigation is required.

Hybrid Voyager has the same hull, deck and sail as Silicon Sailor with the addition of a pod propulsion system and rudder, allowing it to navigate to waypoints.  The highly efficient pod can power the vessel for up to 10 hours/day at two knots using exclusively harvested solar energy

Advantages of an auxiliary thruster include the ability to depart and return to shore through complex seascapes, more precise station keeping, and performing tasks that require precise control (such as surveying).  Additionally, it allows the boat to loiter and perform much more effectively in nearshore missions.

Venturing Where Humans Shouldn't

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