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"We all seek adventure, whether through the challenge of ocean rowing or the quest for technological breakthroughs. As an ocean explorer, I've learned resilience and creativity are key. These principles guide our team's innovative journey, pushing us to achieve what once seemed impossible. Together, we're crafting a future where technology not only connects but inspires." - Colin Angus

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From a young age, Colin understood the essence of pursuing ambitious dreams.  At the age of 12 he decided to sail around the world in his own boat.  The fact that he lived in a logging town devoid of sailboats and his single mom of four was struggling to make ends meet didn’t deter him.  He diligently saved money from after-school jobs, devoured every sailing book in the library, and created a step-by-step plan to reach his goal.  Teaming up with high-school buddy Dan Audet, the teenagers purchased a sailboat and sailed away from Canada seven years after the idea was first conceived. Colin sailed for two years with Dan, and another three years solo before finally concluding the voyage in Papua New Guinea.

This expedition, starting as a childhood dream and achieved  with no mentorship or external support, was a pivotal moment that instilled in Colin a profound self-assurance to tackle increasingly complex challenges. Tight harmonious teamwork has always been the primary contributor to his team’s successes. His overall mission has always been to build on the insights, strengths, and wisdom acquired from each endeavor, applying them with greater ambition to subsequent projects. Guiding Sailbotix with a wealth of accumulated knowledge, experience, triumphs, and setbacks, Colin’s approach is anything but conventional.  Afterall, seldom are boundaries shifted by following the path of convention.

With the philosophy of embracing exploration and discovery at our heart,  we’re not just building Uncrewed Surface Vessels; we’re creating gateways to untold stories and unseen worlds beyond the waves. Our approach combines technological innovation with an intimate understanding of the ocean’s challenges and wonders, aiming to equip a diverse range of users with the tools they need to unlock new discoveries and foster a deeper connection with our planet’s most expansive and unexplored frontier.

Here’s to the kids who are different,
The kids who don’t always get A’s
The kids who have ears twice the size of their peers,
And noses that go on for days …
Here’s to the kids who are different,
The kids they call crazy or dumb,
The kids who don’t fit, with the guts and the grit,
Who dance to a different drum …
Here’s to the kids who are different,
The kids with the mischievous streak,
For when they have grown, as history’s shown,
It’s their difference that makes them unique

-Digby Wolfe

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